All clients are taken by appointment ONLY. 

What to expect

Slay Lash and Brow utilizes a variety of lash options to create a custom look for each and every client, to ensure your satisfaction. Following a thorough consultation, your lash stylist will choose the best lash thickness, length and shape for the look you desire in the healthiest way possible. By analyzing your natural lashes first, we are able to determine what might be too "heavy" for your natural lashes, minimizing any risk of causing damage.

Keep in mind that you will be required to lay still for up to 2 hours, so it is recommended to use the restroom before we start. Getting up during your service really slows the process down because this requires me to un-tape, and then re=tape your lashes to process. Also the fumes from the adhesive which may not be fully cured could irritate your eyes, which means you could tear up. Drying your lashes takes additional time as well.

Silencing your phone is also recommended. We understand that important calls may come through, but answering your phone only slows down the process, potentially making us late for appointments following yours. 

Once we start your service, we will prep your lashes with baby shampoo, removing all makeup, mascara and oils from your eyelids. It is recommended to arrive to your lash appointment with CLEAN LASHES. The more time we spend getting your lashes squeaky clean, the less time we can spend applying lash extensions. If you are wearing WATERPROOF MASCARA when you arrive, WE MAY HAVE TO RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT. It takes much too long to remove.

Next, we will tape down your bottom lashes with our soft collagen gel eye pads and start applying your lash extensions, one lash at a time. During this portion of the appointment, it is important to remain calm, relaxed and still. Movement of any kind makes it very difficult to isolate your lashes and apply the extensions. Talking can affect your ability to keep your eyelids still, so if your lash artist is very quiet during the service... this may be why! Some people can keep their eyelids still while they talk and others can't. It is VERY normal to fall asleep during your service so by all means, take a lash nap!

During your service we ask that you DO NOT open your eyes until we tell you to. Opening your eyes at any point during your lash service is DANGEROUS. We are using VERY sharp tools to apply your lashes and using liquid adhesive that could be very painful if dropped onto your eyeball. So please... keep your eyes CLOSED. If you tend to squint for flutter your eyes when you speak, we may ask you to be silent for the remainder of your service. You are more than welcome to bring headphones if you would like. Some clients like to listen to an e-book during service.