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Small group classes available for less! See our calendar below for dates.

Volume Lash Extension Certification

Learn how to safely and properly apply 2D to 6D volume lash extensions. Volume lashing is performed at a 2:1 to a 6:1 ratio, multiple lash extensions applied to each viable natural lash. With our Volume lashing technique, you will be able to achieve beautiful, voluminous looking results with great speed and ease. During our time together, you will obtain a wealth of knowledge and foundational skills to build upon as your career in Lash Artistry advances. Upon training,  you receive a complete kit with EVERYTHING you will need to perform about 1 dozen Volume full sets to get you started on your volume lashing journey. 

This class is one on one, with a dedicated trainer just for you. Our one on one training model ensures our students the time and focus they need to be set up for success.

This training includes mannequin practice, live service observation and live model practice.