A list of Slay Lash and Brow's most requested services.

*Must have retained at least 25% of your lash extensions to be considered for ANY fill. Any less, you will be charged for a new full set.

Signature brow service.png

This service includes a brow waxing and precision tweeze, brow tinting and brow design (contour, fill in and highlight with top of the line brow product; Kelley Baker Brows. Also include complementry collagen undereye treatment.

Microblading 4.png

Microblading is the process of implanting ink under the skin of the eyebrow area with a small, sterile, disposable tool. In order for your microblading to be perfect, a touch-up session is needed 6-8 weeks after your initial session. You should expect about 30%-40% of the pigment to fade and after the perfection session, you should expect your microblading to last 8-24 months depending on aftercare and skin retention.  This service includes 1 touch up service. (Service time 2 to 2.5 hrs)

Additional touch up service for current clients:  $75

Touch up service for new clients: $150



Semi permanent process adding curl to the lashes and lift to the lash line for the appearance of longer lashes. Black tint added for depth of color and definition. Last up to 6 weeks. (Service time 45 mins to 1 hr.)


Our most popular service! Classic lash extensions applied 1:1. A single lash extension applied to each individual natural lash, enhancing what you already have. This is for those looking for a fuller and longer lash appearance, but still want to maintain a "natural" look. (Service time; about 1.5 to 2 hrs.)

40 min fill- Recommended at 1-2 weeks $55

60 min fill- Recommended at 2-3 weeks $75

90 min fill- Recommended at 3-4 weeks $90


Glam Full Set- $225

Perfect for the woman who loves a bit of glam! This is our hybrid set, applying single lash extensions to single natural lashes as well as some volume lash fans (between 2 and 4 lash extensions to a single natural lash) for a much fuller and more dramatic appearance. This set is recommended for those with very sparse lashes. The volume fans really help to add fullness and depth to areas where you may have very few natural lashes. (Service time; about 2 hrs.)

60 min fill- Recommended at 2-3 weeks $85


Luxe Full Set- $275

A lash set not for the faint of heart! This is recommended for those who prefer more of a strip lash appearance, adding 2-4 lash extensions to each and every individual natural lash for a VERY full and dramatic look. (Service time; about 2.5 to 3 hrs.)

60 min fill- Recommended at 2-3 weeks $95