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Before registering for Slay Lash and Brow training and/or applying eyelash extensions, it would behoove you to know and abide by the laws of your state regarding eyelash extensions. Although attempts are continuously being made here to provide the most accurate information pertaining to laws and regulations surrounding the practice of eyelash extensions, the laws in each state are subject to change without notice. Slay Lash and Brow accepts no responsibility in obtaining nor providing any legal advice. We urge you as a professional and an individual to do your due diligence in knowing the laws and regulations pertaining to eyelash extension services in your state.


Offering Lash Extension services is one of the most effective ways to double your income and create financial independence doing what you love. As a luxury service offering, you stand to gain a whole new kind of clientele as well as a whole new out look on the beauty industry.

At Slay Lash and Brow, we believe in these 3 guiding principles:

     1. To uphold the highest lash industry standards in best practices, sanitation, lash application procedures and client safety.

     2. To provide quality one on one, specialized and focused training to licensed beauty professionals, giving each student targeted and undivided attention for the most thorough understanding and best possible results.

     3. To train lash artists to the best of our abilities so they become leaders in our growing industry.


Lash Certification

Get Certified in Classic Lash Extensions quickly and thoroughly with our one on one course option.

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Group Lash Lift and Lash Extension Certification

Learn all thing lash in a quick and thorough lash lift and lash extension course.

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