Please read entire page carefully.

48 hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced with absolutely no exceptions. By cancelling last minute or simply not calling and not showing up to your appointment, hours or revenue producing time is lost. Your time slot is spoken for and no one else can book an appointment during that time. Therefore, YOU WILL BE CHARGED a fee of 50% of the total cost of whatever appointment it is that you booked. This charge is incurred immediately upon your appointment being missed. 


Please arrive to your appointment with CLEAN LASHES, free of makeup and mascara. ESPECIALLY WATERPROOF MASCARA. This takes time to remove. The more time spent cleaning your lashes, the less time spent applying extensions or doing any lash service. Please, do not arrive with any waterproof mascara on.


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Please book appropriately.

If you are in need of a lash fill, but only have a few extensions left, please understand and be prepared to pay for / set aside the time for a full set service. Note: lash services cannot be rushed and a full set cannot  be "squeezed into" a 60 minute time slot. Full sets usually take about 120 minutes to complete.